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The Stolen

ISBN: 9780751550580 Published: 27/02/2014 Format: Paperback/ebook Buy the book Watch T. S Learner talking about The Stolen on Bookzone TV About the book: A priceless, deadly treasure. A curse that echoes through history. An evil that must be exposed. The gripping, terrifying new thriller by T.S. Learner, author of Sphinx. Zurich, 1983. A Roma gypsy […]


SPHINX is the story of Oliver, an English geophysicist working in the Egyptian oilfields in 1977 – year of President Sadat’s visit to the Israeli Knesset and President Carter’s visit to Cairo. When Isabella, Oliver’s young Italian Egyptian wife and marine archaeologist drowns discovering the holy grail of her career – a mysterious astrolabe, an […]