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December Newsletter 2013
29 December 2013

Well, it’s been an interesting year, I finally finished the corrections for the next thriller THE STOLEN on the 20th of December, a little cheeky but I really like to both push the craft and the prose until the very last minute – the copy editor at Sphere, UK  – Iain Hunt – is a wonderfully tolerant man and for me writing is very much a team effort – probably because I originally come from a theatre background (playwright).


I don’t be a plot spoiler, but this particular thriller (more so than with Sphinx and The Map) set in Zurich, 1982, has a great deal of emotional investment as in some indirect (and unconscious at the time) it is a very personal book. And I have, as usual, been very ambitious and audacious with the psychological journey of my hero – Matthias von Holindt . The heir to a Swiss Watch dynasty and physicist who discovers he isn’t exactly who he thought he was….He is also a widower with an difficult fifteen year old daughter  so in some ways it is reminiscent of Oliver Warnock (hero of Sphinx) – in the exploitation of bereavement and emotional survival.  The writing of The Stolen has been a hell of a journey (from travelling the wilds of rural Romania with a gypsy poetess, to interviewing historians on the Swiss involvement with Nazi plunder) but it’s also been a real emotional ride. And finally I can say that I’m very very proud of the finished manuscript.


Other news of 2013, my collections of erotic short stories Quiver, Tremble and Yearn were beautifully published by Plume, (Penguin US – Quiver was a re-publication). Both Quiver and Tremble were critically acclaimed (thank you, needed that boost psychologically – writing is a lonely, isolated business!) Anne Rice promoted Quiver on her website which was a really lovely endorsement from a writer I deeply admire, and Publishers Weekly (The main global industry rag) selected Tremble as one of their best books of 2013 in their erotica/romance section. Yearn is due out on the 30th of December.


THE STOLEN will be published on the 27th of March 2014 in the UK, you guys will be offered a free SNEAK PREVIEW of the first chapter in February. Happy New Year to ALL my readers, and may 2014 be brilliant for all of you!!!