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  Great NEWS!! PICTURE THIS is now available as a paperback from  with great reviews!!! For fans that love good looking book to hold, I’m really proud of this one [...]

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As a thriller writer I like to inform as well as entertain, I’m of the philosophy that it’s possible to illuminate the reader as well as take him or her on the ride of their lives. All of my thrillers are seriously researched and I interview individuals, experts and people that have lived through the events and eras of my settings extensively – that’s one of the most exciting aspects to my work. I also believe character is as important as plot, and I strive to weave the mystical as seamlessly into the psychological and political as possible. Coming originally from a theatre background I am very aware of the importance of keeping the audience, the reader, hooked and satisfied. You guys out there are my judges, my ears, voice and eyes – I listen to you above all else. Enjoy.

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