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Summer newsletter – TS LEARNER
4 July 2012

It was a very busy Spring, as I am now very much into the working draft of next thriller and have made several research trips to Saint Marie de la Mer in the Camargue, France and one to the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge as the next thriller is my usual blend of history, politics, science and some mysticism.

As you know it involves the story of the Romai (Gypsy) experience in both the Porrajmos (the Great devouring – which is the Romani title for the holocaust) and corrupt Swiss bankers, a thriller with a political backdrop. It was very emotional for me interviewing the Rom about this topic, as my own Jewish great grandfather, my great uncle (aged eight) and number of my mother’s relatives were all victims of that holocaust. It was also a great honour to be entrusted with such history.

I also went to the Saint Sarah la Kali festival in Saint Marie de la Mer, which is one of the main Romai religious festival. We sat in the church for four hours chanting and absorbing the atmosphere then accompanied the statue of the Saint as she was carried down to the sea. The connection to the Indian goddess Kali (and the Indian origins of the Romai) is also featured in the next book.

Saint Sarah la Kali being carried down to the sea

The visit to the Cavendish laboratory was just as inspiring, but in an entirely different way. My central character is a physicist specialising in superconductivity – (when electrons line up and whiz along at super fast speeds usually at extremely cold temperatures) and I interviewed Prof. Siddharth Saxena and several of his students on the extraordinary science (and magic) of superconductivity.

Prof. Saxena is world famous for his discoveries in the superconductivity of various graphites, which has lead to a world interest in carbon-based superconductors. The race is on for a cheap superconductor that will perform at room temperature that will help revolutionise the energy industry and help prevent climate change. An electric current whizzing along a circle of superconducting wire can keep going forever with absolutely no power source. How cool is that! Prof. Saxena also has a degree in anthropology and he was the perfect candidate to interview or the book. When such synchronicity happens in research you always feel you’re on the right path.

For those readers that are interested my collections of erotic short stories will be available as eBooks in the UK from the 12th July under my name Tobsha Learner. The T.S. Learner new thriller will not be out until JAN. 2014. In the meanwhile have a great summer!